"Alcohol-Free Mercola Mouthwash"

Alcohol-Free Mercola Natural Mouthwash

With mouthwash, you want a solution that not only freshens your breath, but has an appealing taste as well.

But one of the biggest risks with most conventional mouthwashes is the fact that they're loaded up with alcohol. Some levels are downright shocking, and many mouthwash producers must go through a denaturing process to make the alcohol undrinkable.

Not so with Mercola Mouthwash.

This mouthwash is both fluoride-and alcohol-free… so you can avoid some of those unpleasant issues like dry mouth… dehydration… and gum irritation.

And as far as an appealing taste, the Mercola Mouthwash uses a sugar substitute called stevia that…

  • Not only is a pure sweetener, it actually helps clean teeth and gums. How many sweeteners do you know that can do that?
  • Comes from a plant… not from some synthetic process like artificial sweeteners.
  • Is many times sweeter than sugar and has virtually no calories.

I believe the extract made from the leaves of the stevia plant is one of the best choices of pure sweeteners available.

Plus, alcohol-free Mercola Mouthwash also contains a beneficial ingredient called xylitol…

  • A low-glycemic nutrient that's slowly absorbed and metabolized independently of insulin. Plus, it may be suitable for diabetics as well as the general population.
  • A flavorful ingredient that boosts the taste of the mouthwash.
  • A cleansing nutrient to help enhance your teeth and mouth.

So, the Mercola Mouthwash not only helps cleanse your teeth, gums, and tongue, it has a delightful taste without artificial sweeteners and the potential risks of alcohol and fluoride.

Freshen Your Breath the Smarter Way

If you really want fresh breath without potentially dangerous additives, isn't it time you gave Mercola Mouthwash a try? By staying away from mouthwashes loaded with alcohol, you'll also avoid potential oral issues such as dry mouth, dehydration, and gum and tongue irritations. Freshen your mouth and smile today with Mercola Mouthwash.

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