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"Mercola Breath Spray – Your Perfect Travel Companion"

Mercola Breath Spray

When you travel as much and as often as I do, you're always looking for ways to cut back on the amount of items you need to take along.

Having the convenience of a toxic-free breath spray while on the go is a major plus to keeping your breath fresh and your mouth feeling clean. And with its wholesome tantalizing mint flavor, the Mercola Breath Spray is an excellent take-along companion.    

With the absence of alcohol, this breath spray can help you avoid dry mouth… dehydration… and gum and tongue irritations often associated with alcohol-based sprays.

And just like the Mercola Mouthwash, for appealing taste, the Mercola Breath Spray uses a non-toxic sugar substitute called stevia that…

  • Not only is a pure sweetener, it actually helps clean teeth and gums. How many sweeteners do you know that can do that?
  • Comes from a plant… not from some synthetic process like artificial sweeteners.
  • Is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and has virtually no calories.

Unlike aspartame and other artificial sweeteners that have been cited for dangerous toxicities, stevia is a safe sugar alternative that's also ideal if you're watching your weight, or if you're simply avoiding sugar to take better control of your health.

Freshen Your Breath While on the Go

If you really want to have fresh breath while on the go, Mercola Breath Spray is just the solution. The small, light weight spray bottle makes it highly convenient for you to take along wherever you go. Give it a try today. 

Dr. Mercola's Breath Spray Winter Fresh
(0.5 oz)
Your Price: $4.97
Dr. Mercola's Breath Spray Cinnamon
(0.5 oz)
Breath Spray Cinnamon Fresh
Your Price: $4.97

Out of Stock Notice: Due to high demand, these products are temporarily out of stock. We expect to have a supply soon, so please keep posted. Thank you for supporting!

  • Breath Spray - Cinnamon (0.5 fl oz): 1 bottle
  • Breath Spray - Winter Fresh (0.5 fl oz): 1 bottle
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